A Study on the Accelerated-Point Distribution of Floating Fibers in Drafting Processes

Koukichi Yoshida, Michio Kato
1975 Journal of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan  
This paper will study the accelerated-point distribution of floating fibers in drafting processes. Under the fixed condition of fiber length, finess, gauge, draft ratio and form of fiber, the force necessary to pull a fiber from the fiber bundle is measured. By using the above constants and Cox's relation, the point distribution is calculated by simulation. The results obtained are as follows; (1) Point distribution is trigonometric. (2) The drawing force does not change the form of the point
more » ... stribution. (3) Ratio K is about 30% in the roller drafting, and is about 17 % in the apron drafting. (4) The number of accelerated floating fibers is in proportion to the number of fibers held in the nip point of the front rollers. (5) In order to produce the yarn of high quality, fibers must be perfectly held between the front rollers, and those near the back rollers must be loosely held.
doi:10.4188/jte1955.21.95 fatcat:zaz2xkvzsjbchdjyfyggl3xeoe