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1841 Dublin Journal of Medical Science  
WE have again to call the attention of our readers to the " Researches" of Dr. Churchill ; hitherto we have observed him applying himself with unexampled industry to the diseases of women, and bringing the accumulated experience of the several authorities on that subject, both British and foreign, in an easy and tangible form before the reader, thus enabling him with facility to follow up the investigation of any particular disease, and by accurate and numerous references, abbreviating
more » ... bly the toil of searching through the dusty tomes of the medical library for facts and opinions that would have rested in dignified oblivion, but for the busy spirit that dragged them into light, and presented them to the notice of the reader. We have now before us the result of a similar train of inquiry upon another and not less important subject, one which above all others has been subjected to the collision of opinions, and on some points of which it is almost amusing to witness the contrariety of doctrines and practices which obtains amongst eminent authorities, with apparently in all the same success. Operative midwifery has been the "vexata qu~estio" of the medical schools, the "pons asinorum" of the medical student ; and whoever undertakes to unravel the difficulties with which it is enveloped, to reconcile the differences of writers, and to draw legitimate conclusions from a careful analysis of facts, volunteers a task of no ordinary difficulty, and one which requires, the utmost caution and discrimination to lead to successful issue. Dr. Churchill has in this respect adopted the fairest and at the same time the most prudent course. He gives a faithful history of each operation ; quotes very largely the opinions which have from time to time governed the practice of the most eminent
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