Learning Edge-Preserved Image Stitching from Large-Baseline Deep Homography [article]

Lang Nie, Chunyu Lin, Kang Liao, Yao Zhao
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Image stitching is a classical and crucial technique in computer vision, which aims to generate the image with a wide field of view. The traditional methods heavily depend on the feature detection and require that scene features be dense and evenly distributed in the image, leading to varying ghosting effects and poor robustness. Learning methods usually suffer from fixed view and input size limitations, showing a lack of generalization ability on other real datasets. In this paper, we propose
more » ... n image stitching learning framework, which consists of a large-baseline deep homography module and an edge-preserved deformation module. First, we propose a large-baseline deep homography module to estimate the accurate projective transformation between the reference image and the target image in different scales of features. After that, an edge-preserved deformation module is designed to learn the deformation rules of image stitching from edge to content, eliminating the ghosting effects as much as possible. In particular, the proposed learning framework can stitch images of arbitrary views and input sizes, thus contribute to a supervised deep image stitching method with excellent generalization capability in other real images. Experimental results demonstrate that our homography module significantly outperforms the existing deep homography methods in the large baseline scenes. In image stitching, our method is superior to the existing learning method and shows competitive performance with state-of-the-art traditional methods.
arXiv:2012.06194v1 fatcat:g6tuaihpkjhwrcbsb7uq6lxrk4