Collective biography of the leaders of the rural rebellion movement of middle Dnipro region (1918 – 1920's)

O. Kompaniiets, A. Morozov
2020 Ukrainian Peasant  
There is the first attempts to write a collective portrait of the otamans of the Middle Dnipro region, who were the leaders of the rural rebel movement at this land during the Ukrainian National Revolution of 1917Revolution of -1921. The authors of the article summarize the results of the predecessors in the study of the activities of individual otamans in order to identify certain trends and patterns of the insurgent movement, which at first glance seems spontaneous and chaotic. The collective
more » ... portrait is based on the biographies of 22 otamans, namely such aspects as: their place of birth, age, education, profession, military experience (including participation in World War I), the time of the beginning and the end of the rebel struggle, political orientation and further destiny.
doi:10.31651/2413-8142-2019-22-20-24 fatcat:escjpsyhgratfhtko5xkcnrt5q