Writing in Psychology [book]

Scott A. Miller
2022 unpublished
The second edition of Writing in Psychology by Scott A. Miller is a comprehensive guide to addressing the most challenging issues that students face while writing about psychology, including what to say and how to say it. It offers practical tools to overcome the challenges and create an engaging work. The book is a valuable resource for helping readers become better writers of psychology with the aid of various helpful learning tools, which provide detailed coverage of how to write empirical
more » ... views, research proposals, literature reviews, term papers, and posters. It examines examples from journal articles that give readers a grasp of the content they will encounter in writing psychological reports. Furthermore, it includes exercises that provide an opportunity to apply the points conveyed in each chapter, examples of ways to avoid the most common mistakes made by students, and a guide to the best practices for improving one's writing. Readers will also develop a thorough understanding of how to write in an engaging yet accurate style, using grammatical and word use rules that govern writing in general, and the rules of seventh edition APA (American Psychological Association) Publication Manual that determine the expression of that content. Throughout, the book emphasizes inclusion, diversity, and fair treatment of those with whom psychologists deal, in research and writing. The book will benefit anyone looking for guidance on how to write about psychological content. It is ideal for research scholars and psychology students as a primary text for writing in psychology courses and a supplement for graduate or advanced undergraduate courses in research design or research methods.
doi:10.4324/9781003246435 fatcat:djagz76n7re5tbsta4qae2vybi