The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, June 19, 1912] [article]

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u ^ u prog«-in«. •«* d, in* cl«" ^-^l****^ *»■ tfcrt * "«' "' *" "'""y WiaiUor ilotd. HU# Iw Uk«o O'er by th* r"'>wd> Howl CoovelV. L4-■«* hd *>*" <*"'y ,lneoor-Tfc, Ifet purpoM d f Wta« o.« ■**111 Wtad«>r Hold end the ^ « U» eom*-of Churoh 4, opportunity Vill be ffv-^ j,lji--of Neoalnio to ^ ^ owo« in ihi. eotor-OUtd by tbe repr««"n-^ t»o W-tem CM-dn Hotd SiE_JLANAIMG#FREE PRES tt^TEAB NANAIMO, HBinSH COLUMBIA WEDNESDAY. JUNE 1». m« MCHHIfl T0M( III Hu III I llj k FUty thouM^ lock wm bo lor a
more » ... tadted tla». dolUr. a tho ty foi with rarely prenated to public as la thu lastaaes. Ibj Sical a««at, Bd(ar sUtM that U t. the aihiaa with the man? s l» -An I mine of the Victorpod Co., sorly today an-____JIMS I3SO At 8 o'clock ,m,M been rescued alKe. and as leami all the others we Raecuen are endeavoring aU the debris and reach the len. It ie not known lusrd the exploalon. [E3HSSI2ES MY heard was that of ihtrgsd with allagsd ■ MIU of clothes, un-snd ths jury retired to consktor tbatr verdict. Kelly 'was found guilty on the sec ond count of having goods posses sion knowing than to Be stolen. sU. • Sentanoe was deferred Uichide. a Japanese nahemme WaS arraigned on a charge that ha dW unUwfuUj wound, tic., one Tanaka, a Othtrmta. Tha jury In this oase a«re James Turner. J.I-.K. MetilU. W. H. Co burn. y. U. lUto. J. McLellan.. C. U. Stuckwell, Uy. Bottomley. U. F. Kdy. Jas Ihnaett. 1:1. tf. Uuhop. K. li. Kvans. and A. Uibbons. Mr. F. O. I*eto was chosen as loreas follows I A. U. Taylor. K.C., tor the ««kaig, J. Lowthsr, A. isniBfc A. Croaaaa. P. Busby, '"ul" a bich prisoner aotaevd taMMng, W. AflnMia. Wbn. Ho-sleeping room of Uu 111, Homs. J. B. T. Powers, by Tnsska. sad Ored Miras or foUi Trtsira. C. J. Stmnns. Mr. shou at him. 1st wss chasm foreman. »-®" »heph«vl, dvll eaginoer. Men IVgrlar, B.C.. mid the ease «>• pro***-** *» «»«»L JOtt Porbea llv. tahowing tha variom. aka|>in^ berths ■» PWnss Rupert and of the Jt "• P"*"' W Ms tnmk eoatainlng his on atth February. «d esttt, and whan hseanm Another pUn produced showed Ua.< Os truMi bad lom 'prisoner', bouse and gowral locality •B Ip an oM rbiael thare. 'including shore line Witness I hlMn Valued at tlSO. Re cated sj>ots, markoi m pUn. a ■Hfclst to the aothoritlee. he laund .hot hole, in aalU. itemhsirt that KteUy bml "^med by coumwl for •V. FWao^ had one ol I rt^ence reRardlng the markings on Ira.""" pun., witoeaa hells'«1 there aa. ^ h Miy a charge belong-Vror in the nomisv of hullit hole, 'illllll *^J*"**"*^ "* -*oan. the pl.n being .Itered accord X -*'* ^«*»*n. j tngly. WItnea* wa. not an expert. a. -a. .' .a Renreon. s'ltnesa. ideollftol pri. oner a* man to whom he Bold HM isewaa. r^ohw, and produci-d h.yok khnwittfc he returned -**** -»«Aed trunk u his shack j' the brown, blue and I i2J*** "** 'J**' he retumea on rsr »>• »»>««» the open and the chtael BW OF EHE ROOSEVEirS KCONStE CIMN Mm '-w* «s> B|g,«y|-iiLouHwu lur v«u Hur] seeldmt, but a lew mlnutea before j Derlln, Herr Von Jagow's he died hb told of a fight In which:'*®""* «P«rtsd that this Is ha was aniarsd hnt nSnsarf' ♦ n *• foe developing t os was wiTSgM. but refused to tell ^ __ hour. with whinn ha had that trouble.-VHBT POOKBT Kodak Only 17, The very Latest HODGINS Th«Dmggirt PhomtfO BoynlBaakBldff GOOD HORSE TO BBT ON. Cincinnati, O., -lu* IT.-Waklng Ring, a four year old colt. osM by J. B. flesspmw, the Ctade-rt turfman, won ths sixth pace at *»* tonla, at odds of mors thsnSOO to 1. one of ths Isrgsst prices ever Uh> gainst a winning horse.
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