Wall forces produced during ITER disruptions

H. R. Strauss, R. Paccagnella, J. Breslau
2010 Physics of Plasmas  
Nonlinear simulations with the M3D [1] code are performed of disruptions [2] produced by large scale magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) instabilities. The toroidally symmetric and asymmetric wall forces produced during a disruption are calculated in an ITER model. The disruption is produced by a vertical displacement event (VDE) and a kink mode. Expressions are derived for the wall force, including the sideways force, using a thin conducting wall model. The dependence of wall force with γτ w is
more » ... where γ is the kink growth rate and τ w is the wall penetration time. The largest force occurs with γτ w ≈ 1. In this regime the wall force is produced by poloidal halo current. The current and temperature quench is caused by the VDE carrying the plasma to the wall. A less resistive wall will experience less wall force.
doi:10.1063/1.3474922 fatcat:kluilhp6bfhcddjumrr25oz574