Flexural Response of R.C. Tee Beams Strengthened with Ferrocement

Ferrocement is the composite of Ferro (Iron) and cement (cement mortar). Ferrocement can be considered as a type of thin-walled reinforced concrete construction in which small-diameter wire meshes are used uniformly throughout the cross-section instead of discretely placed reinforcing bars and in which Portland cement mortar is used instead of concrete. In this investigation, 23 reinforced concrete Tee beams were tested for their flexural strength. Three sets of Tee beams were predamaged up to
more » ... 0, 70, and 80 percent of the ultimate load level of control beams respectively. Beams pre-damaged up to 60% are designated as W1 and F1. Similarly 70% as W2 and F2 and 80% as W3 and F3. Two beams are undamaged, but they are strengthened are designated UW and UF. UW, W1, W2 and W3 set (3 beams in each set) of beams were strengthened with three faces of the web using ferrocement. UF, F1, F2 and F3 set (3 beams in each set) of beams were strengthened with three side faces of the web + bottom of the flange using ferrocement. After proper curing, all the strengthened beam specimens were tested for their flexural strength. The results were compared with corresponding control beams and presented. From the experimental investigation, it is seen that the ultimate Flexural strength capacity of Reinforced concrete Tee beams strengthened with ferrocement is significantly increased.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.d1704.029420 fatcat:bxmmcfldkfeo7i2g67u4a2dzzy