The Safety Training System Based on AR Cloud in Metallurgical Enterprises

Enji Sun, China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Beijing, China, Feifei Wang, Haoyu Wang
2019 Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information  
Staff training is one of the important ways to cultivate high-quality skilled workers. Its importance has been recognized by more and more companies [5] . The current training methods mainly have the following drawbacks [6], [7] . Firstly, the training is mostly fragmented teaching, which subject to funding, location, time and so on. Secondly, the training is mainly centralized teaching, so it cannot meet the needs of all workers who are in different position at the same time. Thirdly, the
more » ... . Thirdly, the content of training deviates from reality and emphasizes on theoretical knowledge. However, the flexible application of these theories still requires much practice. In order to solve these drawbacks, many scholars introduced augmented reality technology in training. Augmented reality have already found preliminary study on learning tool, the staff training and auxiliary maintenance [8], [9] . However, researches in the field of metallurgy still need to be further strengthened. In order to improve training efficiency and make up the lack of on-site training in current training, this paper proposed a safe production training framework based on augmented reality and cloud platform. The framework combines augmented reality with metallurgical companies, designing functional modules such as basic knowledge, equipment cognition, intelligent maintenance, standardized operation, training evaluation, remote assistance, and accident emergency. II. AR CLOUD PROCESSING SYSTEM Metallurgical enterprises occupy a large area and production process is complex. From iron works to continuous casting, high temperature liquid runs through it all the time. Therefore, employees need to master the knowledge and standard operating skills in order to reduce the rate of accidents and ensuing losses. The regular concentrated teaching has failed to meet the needs of metallurgical enterprises. Against this phenomenon, AR cloud processing system was introduced in the paper. It is made up of augmented reality and cloud platform. Augmented reality is to superimpose computer-generated information such as text and virtual objects in real scenes for realizing the combination of virtual environment and real scene mainly by means of computer graphics, visualization, photoelectric imaging and so on [10] . Augmented reality is developed on the basis of virtual reality. It can supplement information to real scenes and form a training environment in which operational Abstract-Metallurgical enterprises are important for the production industry. The safety accidents occurred frequently as the complex production processes and severe work environment. The safety training of employees can improve their safety awareness and ability. It is one of the most important ways to reduce personal injury and property loss. This paper analyzed the existing training methods according to the needs of the employees of metallurgical enterprises. To address these drawbacks, this paper proposed a safety training framework based on Augmented Reality (AR) and cloud platform (CC). Several modules are designed in this framework, which including basic knowledge module, equipment cognition module, intelligent maintenance module, standardized operation module, accident emergency module, remote assistance module, training evaluation module, to achieve basic knowledge training, practical training based on augmented reality, evaluation of training efficiency, question answering, etc. This framework breaks through the limitations of existing training system and increases the proportion of operational skills in training. It can be applied not only to potential employees but also to experienced employees. 
doi:10.18178/jiii.7.2.37-41 fatcat:u3speruxgfhutd2kaxpwgjjrzm