Internet research, theory, and practice: perspectives from Ireland [book]

Cathy Fowley, Claire English, Sylvie Thouësny
T he internet is the largest communications network in the world. It has become the virtual backbone of all communication. Therefore, it seems natural to leverage it as a major tool in any education involving communication skills, especially language skills. This chapter outlines a practitioner's experience on how this can be done in a foreign language classroom. It outlines the reasoning for use of various tools, and the practical aspects linked to language learning. The methodology of this
more » ... hodology of this investigation follows the pattern of Action Research outlined by Stringer (2007) , an informal recursive approach that allows the researcher to select a research question and a method for testing it, then to analyse the results, change the method of testing or modify the question and test again until a satisfactory result is reached. Examples used are for ab-initio Italian, and all suggested activities were used with the author's students in live classes.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.9781908416087 fatcat:5frofbprhngblonftews3dbuci