Efrosyni-Alkisti Paraskevopoulou-Kollia, Nuning Kurniasih, Christos-Apostolos Michalakopoulos
2021 European Journal of Education Studies  
The issue of Computer Science entering schools first appeared during the '60s. The first academic Computer Science Department was founded during this decade at Purdue University and was followed by a second one at Stanford University. As far as the other levels of educational systems are concerned the wide introduction of computers into schools started during the '80s. This paper refers to a comparative small scale qualitative research that took place between two countries: Greece and
more » ... It compares Greek and Indonesian Computer Science teachers' views on whether the Computer Science (or ICT or Computing or Informatics) course improves students' lives and could in general assist in teaching. Both Greece and Indonesia have included the course of Information and Communication(s) Technologies (ICT) in the curricula of their primary and secondary education levels. Data were collected through interviews (semi-structured and e-mail ones). We interviewed eleven (11) Greek and twenty (20) Indonesian Computer Science (or ICT or Computing or Informatics) teachers. For each country we carefully studied participants' answers, we categorized and analyzed them in order to obtain reliable results. Then we compared the two countries' results so as to find similarities and differences between them. After this comparison we drew the conclusion that the points of view of teachers coming from the two aforementioned countries are almost the same. Participants declared that they see teaching as a positive procedure and that they also consider ICT (or Computer Science or Computing or Informatics) course as important for their pupils'/students' lives. <p> </p><p><strong> Article visualizations:</strong></p><p><img src="/-counters-/edu_01/0770/a.php" alt="Hit counter" /></p>
doi:10.46827/ejes.v8i1.3516 fatcat:sgedmsknnze6nasm6zswh65cdu