Report on advances in beam diagnostics for 3rd generation light sources

ARIES WP8 Members
2021 Zenodo  
Section 5 of this Report covers the subject of Deliverable 8.3 (Advances in beam diagnostics for 3rd generation light sources). Sections 5.1 to 5.3 summarize the three International Workshops organised on this specific subject, and Section 5.4 presents some general conclusions on the status of this field and on possible future developments. In the Appendix, detailed descriptions of the three Workshops concerned are given. ARIES Work Package 8 aims for transfer of knowledge and standardisation
more » ... equipment across the European Research Infrastructures making use of beam instrumentation and diagnostics for particle accelerators. In total, 11 International Workshops were organized with 32 to 239 delegates (maximum for a remote workshop). Financial support for visits of scientists was covered in total for eight weeks. While in the initial Work Plan it was foreseen to produce as a Deliverable four separated Reports, one for each of the Tasks/sub-sets of diagnostic equipment, during the execution of the project it turned out the number of intercorrelations and crossed references between the four areas was so large that it was more effective to produce a single report, with four Sections each devoted to one of the Tasks/Deliverables.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7190175 fatcat:ghlbmettknb3xoibpgxss6dqxm