Phonon-Dressed Mollow Triplet in the Regime of Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics: Excitation-Induced Dephasing and Nonperturbative Cavity Feeding Effects

C. Roy, S. Hughes
2011 Physical Review Letters  
We study the resonance fluorescence spectra of a driven quantum dot placed inside a high Q semiconductor cavity and interacting with an acoustic phonon bath. The dynamics is calculated using a time-convolutionless master equation obtained in the polaron frame. We demonstrate pronounced spectral broadening of the Mollow sidebands through cavity-emission which, for small cavity-coupling rates, increases quadratically with the Rabi frequency. However, for larger cavity coupling rates, this
more » ... ng dependence is found to be more complex. This field-dependent Mollow triplet broadening is primarily a consequence of the triplet peaks sampling different parts of the asymmetric phonon bath, and agrees directly with recent experiments with semiconductor micropillars. The influence from the detuned cavity photon bath and multi-photon effects is shown to play a qualitatively important role on the fluorescence spectra.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.106.247403 pmid:21770598 fatcat:w2xxaw2ikndqbiy2qcpssm374i