The management of the writing process in the preparation of distance education materials [article]

Michele Gawlinski
The study reported in this dissertation is concerned with how course writers manage the process of writing distance education materials. Research on management of the writing process from the course writer's perspective was undertaken in a tertiary institution by means of a case study. Grounded theory methods of data analysis were used in the study. Four major interrelated propositions emerged from the data analysis. First, course writers perceived that the nature of the writing process for
more » ... ing process for study materials was not fully appreciated_ at an institutional level. Secondly, this failure to understand the process was reflected in the inadequate or inappropriate allocation of resources to complete the task. Thirdly, course writers believed that existing institutional arrangements were unlikely to change and, as a consequence, they felt it was left to them to find ways to best manage the task. Fourthly, course writers felt that, despite the difficulties associated with writing course materials, engaging in the process had some positive outcomes at both the personal and student levels. No attempt was made to generalise from the findings of the case study. However, insights into how course writers manage the process of writing distance education materials can illuminate the reader's understanding of the process and also guide further research. DECLARATION In accordance with the regulations for presenting theses and other works for higher degrees, I declare that the dissertation is my own work and that it has not been submitted as an exercise for a degree in any other university. Michele Teague ---------------
doi:10.4225/23/5993f167ec63c fatcat:pvrjamhofzbk5ee3rskpgnyeqm