The Urban Settlements of the Arbëreshë Communities. Protection and Safeguarding of an Important Historical, Cultural and Urban Planning Patrimony

Domenico Passarelli
2020 ArcHistoR Architettura Storia Restauro - Architecture History Restoration  
The normative content of the article 6 of the Italian Constitution, which establishes the protection of linguistic minorities, is one of the most beautiful expression of democracy and inclusion in our country. It guarantees positive protection in order to preserve the linguistic and cultural heritage of minorities in accordance with the principles of pluralism and tolerance. Protection, cannot disregard the uses and customs that characterize it, from the history it has behind, it, from the
more » ... cular use of public and private space. The characteristics and ways of experiencing the places of the house or town by the Arbëreshë minorities are unique and very interesting. It is unthinkable that the urban aspect of the settlements, the spatial and architectural differences that characterize them is left out in a project for the Arbëreshë minorities. It is essential to protect these places that are the theatre of all those artistic and cultural expressions that belong to this population and that need integrated conservation and safeguard projects. The knowledge of the territory is fundamental to understand the historical-geographical conditions that led to those forms of habitation and that today are disappearing due to a lack of urban planning of the villages that values the inhabited area rather than devaluing it. Thanks to the exclusive relationship with their natural environment, these places are very interesting in terms of biodiversity and landscaping. Gli insediamenti urbani delle comunità arbëreshë. Tutela e salvaguardia di un significativo patrimonio storico-culturale ed urbanistico Il contenuto normativo dell'articolo 6 della Costituzione, che sancisce la tutela delle minoranze linguistiche, costituisce una delle più belle espressioni di democrazia e di inclusione del nostro paese. Esso garantisce una tutela positiva al fine di conservare il patrimonio linguistico e culturale delle minoranze in conformità ai principi di pluralismo e tolleranza. La tutela, non può prescindere dagli usi e costumi che lo ca [...]
doi:10.14633/ahr175 doaj:5594ff87b0354d8298d36a63a3865633 fatcat:sxxbs5btkzdlnbv37p2i7vujna