Nowe życie w Chrystusie w nowej ewangelizacji w mediach

Monika Przybysz
More than three billion internet users in the world (42 per cent of human population), nearly 26 million users in Poland (67% of the country population), together with nearly 1.5 billion Facebook users in the world and over 13.5 million in Poland (34% of our people) – this is the group of recipients which is a communicative challenge for the Church. In Poland a statistical internet user spends nearly 5 hours a day using it (we are the 13th place in the world) and over 2 hours a day using social
more » ... media (below average for the world). We start to spend our lives on the Net more and more actively, therefore we need an ever growing number of active "Christ's fishermen." This situation calls to mind the evangelical passage of the fish catch – the Apostles had an unsuitable and old boat, an outdated and perhaps faulty net, they found it difficult to go on the lake, tired with the lack of results, disappointed with their failure and returning with empty nets. Christ, intervening in their sense of disappointment, makes the fishermen cast their net again.
doi:10.34839/wpt.2015.23.2.311-328 fatcat:3ogzbkj5dbapfg2qr77or7wm7i