Optimization of high-speed SiGe HBTs

V. Palankovski, G. Rohrer, E. Wachmann, J. Kraft, B. Loffler, J. Cervenka, R. Quay, T. Grasser, S. Selberherr
2001 International Symposium on Electron Devices for Microwave and Optoelectronic Applications. EDMO 2001 (Cat. No.01TH8567)  
We present a methodology for characterization and optimization of SiGe HBTs from our 0.8 µm BiC-MOS technology. It involves process calibration, device calibration employing two-dimensional device simulation, and automated Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) optimization. The simulation results show a very good agreement with experimental data. In particular, we perform an optimization of collector doping for specific requirements (high speed or high breakdown voltage). 0-7803-7049-X /01/$10.00 c 2001 IEEE.
doi:10.1109/edmo.2001.974305 fatcat:wcps54urtvd3dmkqxugpljxiqe