Development and application of triangulation joint network based on an FEM program (RS2)

Peiqi Xi, Yuming Huo, Defu Zhu, Cunen Xing, Zhonglun Wang
2022 Journal of Geophysics and Engineering  
It is widely known that the triangle is the finest geometric unit, and therefore applying the triangulation joint to the rock mass simulation can not only accurately describe the fracture morphology of rock engineering, but also inversely deduce the mechanical parameters of blocks and joints. Based on the rock and soil two-dimensional analysis program (RS2), this paper compiles a program with MATLAB and realizes the parameterized setting of triangulation joint network (TJN) in RS2 for the first
more » ... time, using it for the uniaxial compression model and roadway model accordingly. In the simulation of a RS2-TJN uniaxial compression model, its element parameters and joint parameters are calibrated according to the uniaxial compression strength and the elastic modulus obtained from the uniaxial compression test in a laboratory. Then its simulation results are compared with those of the particle flow code (PFC), which shows that the stress–strain curve obtained from the RS2-TJN uniaxial compression model matches the laboratory test one more closely. In the RS2-TJN roadway model, the simulation results obtained by adjusting the joint density are in good agreement with the roadway deformation in situ so as to study the failure characteristics of roadway surrounding rocks. Since the research on adding the triangulation joint network (cracks) to RS2 has not been found, its development and the realization of the parameterized control in this paper enrich the joint base of RS2 and provide a reference for the variety of joint numerical model.
doi:10.1093/jge/gxac013 fatcat:4tyvnv3b7vds3fhzwkjpv2adhu