Multifunctional wide-angle optics and lasing based on supercell metasurfaces

Christina Spägele, Michele Tamagnone, Dmitry Kazakov, Marcus Ossiander, Marco Piccardo, Federico Capasso
2021 Nature Communications  
AbstractMetasurfaces are arrays of subwavelength spaced nanostructures that can manipulate the amplitude, phase, and polarization of light to achieve a variety of optical functions beyond the capabilities of 3D bulk optics. However, they suffer from limited performance and efficiency when multiple functions with large deflection angles are required because the non-local interactions due to optical coupling between nanostructures are not fully considered. Here we introduce a method based on
more » ... cell metasurfaces to demonstrate multiple independent optical functions at arbitrary large deflection angles with high efficiency. In one implementation the incident laser is simultaneously diffracted into Gaussian, helical and Bessel beams over a large angular range. We then demonstrate a compact wavelength-tunable external cavity laser with arbitrary beam control capabilities – including beam shaping operations and the generation of freeform holograms. Our approach paves the way to novel methods to engineer the emission of optical sources.
doi:10.1038/s41467-021-24071-2 pmid:34145275 fatcat:vdct2p5xcjc7fjhnqads7h7glq