IDEA: Interpretable Dynamic Ensemble Architecture for Time Series Prediction [article]

Mengyue Zha, Kani Chen, Tong Zhang
We enhance the accuracy and generalization of univariate time series point prediction by an explainable ensemble on the fly. We propose an Interpretable Dynamic Ensemble Architecture (IDEA), in which interpretable base learners give predictions independently with sparse communication as a group. The model is composed of several sequentially stacked groups connected by group backcast residuals and recurrent input competition. Ensemble driven by end-to-end training both horizontally and
more » ... brings state-of-the-art (SOTA) performances. Forecast accuracy improves by 2.6% over the best statistical benchmark on the TOURISM dataset and 2% over the best deep learning benchmark on the M4 dataset. The architecture enjoys several advantages, being applicable to time series from various domains, explainable to users with specialized modular structure and robust to changes in task distribution.
doi:10.48550/arxiv.2201.05336 fatcat:ayxxvkwk6rdrfgqmw2sviwow5i