GABA suppresses neurogenesis in the adult hippocampus through GABAB receptors

C. Giachino, M. Barz, J. S. Tchorz, M. Tome, M. Gassmann, J. Bischofberger, B. Bettler, V. Taylor
2013 Development  
Adult neurogenesis is tightly regulated through the interaction of neural stem/progenitor cells (NSCs) with their niche. Neurotransmitters, including GABA activation of GABA A receptor ion channels, are important niche signals. We show that adult mouse hippocampal NSCs and their progeny express metabotropic GABA B receptors. Pharmacological inhibition of GABA B receptors stimulated NSC proliferation and genetic deletion of GABA B1 receptor subunits increased NSC proliferation and
more » ... of neuroblasts in vivo. Cell-specific conditional deletion of GABA B receptors supports a cellautonomous role in newly generated cells. Our data indicate that signaling through GABA B receptors is an inhibitor of adult neurogenesis.
doi:10.1242/dev.102608 pmid:24284211 fatcat:6kiot2u2gjgpxj26igsnn34ywy