Study of Split-Flow Wall Located at Exit

Guomin Zhao, Min Li, Yunfeng Zhao, Qingsong Zhng, Zhongxian Liu
2017 Advances in Civil Engineering  
Congestion is the major cause of crowd stampede-trampling and crushing incidents. To alleviate the phenomenon of congestion in the process of evacuation, theory of split-flow wall is put forward to optimize the evacuation and the principle of it is analyzed. Based on the occupant evacuation software of buildingEXODUS, the set parameters of the split-flow wall are studied, and we find that the best range of shunt wall length is 1.5–2 times the export width and the best position of the split-flow
more » ... n of the split-flow wall is 0.5 to 0.75 times the export width far from the exit. Shunt wall can effectively alleviate and even eliminate the congestion in the process of evacuation and will not affect safe evacuation when crowd density is low.
doi:10.1155/2017/1374183 fatcat:33rrtkjuvjcqre7qedjbciwnym