Investigation of intrinsic crystalline Si(111) and amorphous silicon surfaces in air with STM

A. M. Okoniewski, A. Yelon
1870 The Monthly Microscopical Journal  
Crystalline (1 11) and amorphous silicon surfaces have been studied by scanning tunnelling microscopy. An orientated, reproducible, corrugated structure has been observed on Si ( 11 1) surfaces. The voltage dependence of the corrugation amplitude may be attributable to surface states. The surfaces of amorphous silicon thin films show some reproducible structure in the range of a few tens of hgstriims, observable only when the applied voltage between the tip and sample is between -1.3 and +0*4V.
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2818.1870.tb06071.x fatcat:histtaeqcve7hm3pznizkrv6re