"Empatia" si dice in molti modi. La complessa vicenda del termine Einfühlung

Angela Ales Bello
In my paper I show the origin and the meaning of the German word Einfühlung, translated in Italian with "empatia" and in English with "empathy". I underscore the use of the word in phenomenology (E. Husserl and E. Stein) in contrast with the way in which people speak of empathy, that probably comes from the interpretation on empathy given by some psychologists as Lipps and Kohut. I propose to translate Einfühlung in phenomenological sense with entropathy on order to distinguish it from an
more » ... icient description of the intuition of what others live, which is wide spread in common language and in psychology. Keywords: Einfühlung, Entropathy, Husserl, Phenomenology, Stein
doi:10.6093/1593-7178/9642 fatcat:whub5aiskreszlzh6vscn5acrm