Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Catalytic Oxidation of Manganese(III) Complexes Derived from Salen-Type Schiff Base N,N'-Bis(5-nitrosalicylidene)ethane-1,2-diamine

Qing-Bin Li, Yong-Jun Han, Gan-Qing Zhao, Ling-Wei Xue
2017 Acta Chimica Slovenica  
Two mononuclear Schiff base manganese(III) complexes, [MnL(N 3 )(OH 2 )]·CH 3 OH (1) and [MnL(NCS)(OH 2 )] · H 2 O (2), where L is the dianionic form of N,N'-bis(5-nitrosalicylidene)ethane-1,2-diamine, have been prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, IR and UV-Vis spectroscopy and single crystal X-ray diffraction. The Mn atom in each complex is in an octahedral coordination. Molecules of the complexes are linked through intermolecular hydrogen bonds. Catalytic properties for
more » ... erties for epoxidation of styrene by the complexes using PhIO and NaOCl as oxidant have been studied.
doi:10.17344/acsi.2017.3416 fatcat:rtf7ibulgrfyjcsqpdtqtfjqb4