Production of Biogas from Organic Waste and its Utilization as an Alternative Energy Source

Sriharti Sriharti, Moeso Andrianto, Fahriansyah Fahriansyah
2018 International Journal of Environment Agriculture and Biotechnology  
As a result of increase in human need for energy, the source of a new energy is necessary to replace the role of fossil fuel whose existence is beginning to scarce. The organic waste used for the production of biogas is an alternative energy, allowing reducing environmental pollution. The biogas test has been done by using digester fixed dome type made of fiberglass capacity of 5.5 m 3 , equipped with an inlet for introduction of biogas raw material and an outlet for the release of residual
more » ... as fermentation and an elbow iron mixing road. A soft PVC gas holder has capacity of 5.6 m 3 . The digester is filled by organic wastes namely cow dung and grasses. Cow dung and water is added at the ratio of 1:2, then after methane production was stable, filling with grasses mixed with water. The results of the test show that organic waste get to produce biogas in blue flame, to be used as fuel to cook, to operate gas generator and for a infra red drying fuel. The Water Boiling Tests show that thermal efficiency is 57.9%, the fire power, 4.0173 watts, the burning rate 0.0688 gram/minute, the specific fuel consumption, 0.1248 kg/hour.
doi:10.22161/ijeab/3.3.7 fatcat:5l37hnnwwnayjcryhrdwckoka4