The Nanaimo Free Press [Thursday, August 24, 1922] [article]

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It yon j^r. In thn Nanaimo ^ref ^riss HITION WIDE SIRIKEPUNP IN 11 STATES MllUun Mfn WUI b« live of A. V. of ■ of Trade aad Involr.'tl If Executive of A. F. Labor Anm 6I00X nty. la.. Auk. 24-Plana that hare been maturing ft than a month for a nation wide atrike would he a labor war, thli ik, « IMIKOr HEiiign imniiEin of Michaci CoUlna i. Borne IHrough Htrecu at UubUa Amid tbat would he a labor war, came to light thU morning, according to John ------ry jjjg Trade! _ _._dea and Trades and Labor
more » ... ughout the nation ; that the executive eoancll of the American Federation of Labor call a national atrike. Shank aaid. .More th»n five million ____ mbiy. jtKianibllea throe a domnmIlnK 1 ancll of t man would be i Endorsement of such action hi hsen given according to bis reports, hr Central Labor bodleea in Denver, Pranclsco and other big Detroit, cities. Omaha. Neb., of Omaha, tot Aug. 24-^ohn M of the latbor Unto ay made public th It of a real ' d aent to other labor orgar IDS for slnlllar action, calling •slavery conditions 9 Amerl-I call a It against the ■posed The resolution, after referring to ara. deAau-* "The Prealdent of the United Halea now Informa us through the public prees It Is hla'ifurpow to sae the full power of the Oovei sent, both military and Judicial. Ittlmldaie and oppress a free people and bend them to hia will, that A srican standard of living roust*be dated." The charge is also made that •'door of 'he United States treaai has been thrown open for relief hlg business as KMi « " Dublin. Aug. 24-Draped in the beloved trl-color of Ireland, the coffin of Michael Col-lining the body Una, slain chief ol State Corernment, i today from the steal borne through streets amid imprea-tlludM^"*"* "**®*"*" Collins' body was met at the dock a large throng of mourners, Inchlef by a large tbi eluding Hlchar staff, and other prominent repre tativea of the army. The body pltal. Prayers \ u^passed __d brners. •The document concluded with the pledge of "our lives our llbert; ear sacred honor lutes." rty and istabllsh--Domli July 31. agalr red securities. OriTAMlI.VO NOTES Tf)TAL ttO«.7S0.834 Ottawa. Aug. 24 OBUtandIng on Ju posits of approved lha Finance Act. totalled 1108,73 M4 5J. according to the moBtl atatement on circulatlois and apaele Imaed yesterday by the department •r nniuce. Gold held for redemp-doB of Dominion notea totalled |17.0S3.336.$4. Ravinga bank de-■DtlU at the end of the month totallid 133,053,957 68 on which a gold reserve was held of *3.305.397.77. Oold held bv the minister of finance Tttly totalled *90.358. J..h. .nd of July INTO TI B OF HOT W.ATEB KIMB WKE GIRL ig. 24. -Afier »ALL Tacoma. Wash.. Mtfering hours of agony from karas sustained when she fell into tab of scalding hot water. Myrn Uaun. 4->car-old daughter of M tad Mrs. Edward Reman, died yes-May. She bad taken a drink of WMar In the kitchen of her mother's boms when she backed away aj( IMllato a tub of hot water. night, •d whe drlv LACROSSE Garrison
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