Two Common Mistakes in Applying ANOVA Test: Guide for Biological Researchers [post]

Fateme Azizi, Rasoul Ghasemi, Maryam Ardalan
2022 unpublished
The importance of statistics in biological research is inevitable. The appliance of statistics is the most powerful tool to support the scientific hypothesis and to give credibility to biological research methodology, to interpret convoluted explanations and conclusions based on the research findings. The evidences from literatures point the persistent statistical errors, selection of non-proper statistical test with the consequence of misinterpretation of the scientific results which are
more » ... hed in international journals. One of the most extensively used statistical tests in the field of biology (preclinical and clinical) is analysis of variance (ANOVA). ANOVA test is in place of multiple T-tests to compare the means of more than two groups at a time; and there are some important points which biologists should be aware of them to avoid possible misinterpretation of results with the consequence of wrong conclusion. Accordingly, the aim of the current review is to help biologists to understand the basic concepts of ANOVA test and reach to a more valid interpretation of achieved results.
doi:10.20944/preprints202207.0082.v1 fatcat:mijyrhh6fnaazj4dwo52xgto3a