Vivek Bhagat, Jay Modi, Nilkanth Galiawala, Rahul Patil, Dipak Variya
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
The concentrated power generation of more efficient, low cost and clean power sources focused us in the direction of renewable energy sources which are the best substitute for future power generation. From renewable energy sources a wind energy is freely available for day & night. In general, a horizontal axis windmill is used in all over the world for power generation from wind energy. Normal wind turbines cannot be operated below the optimal wind speed. In this project, a bucket-shape ducted
more » ... shrouded) wind turbine is planned and past researches show that a sucking effect can be formed conferring to the Bernoulli's principle, and this significantly increases the wind speed inside the duct and substantially improves the efficiency of the wind turbine. So, we have established a new wind turbine system that consists of a diffuser shroud (nozzle) with a broad-ring brim at the exit boundary and a wind turbine inside it. The shrouded wind turbine with a diffuser has established power generation increased by a factor of about 2-3 compared with a bare wind turbine, for a given turbine diameter and wind speed. This technology is very useful to fulfil the quickly increased electricity demand at cheap cost.