A universal order parameter for synchrony in networks of limit cycle oscillators

Malte Schröder, Marc Timme, Dirk Witthaut
2017 Chaos  
We analyze the properties of order parameters measuring synchronization and phase locking in complex oscillator networks. First, we review network order parameters previously introduced and reveal several shortcomings: none of the introduced order parameters capture all transitions from incoherence over phase locking to full synchrony for arbitrary, finite networks. We then introduce an alternative, universal order parameter that accurately tracks the degree of partial phase locking and
more » ... ization, adapting the traditional definition to account for the network topology and its influence on the phase coherence of the oscillators. We rigorously proof that this order parameter is strictly monotonously increasing with the coupling strength in the phase locked state, directly reflecting the dynamic stability of the network. Furthermore, it indicates the onset of full phase locking by a diverging slope at the critical coupling strength. The order parameter may find applications across systems where different types of synchrony are possible, including biological networks and power grids.
doi:10.1063/1.4995963 pmid:28764398 fatcat:tfrtcrqd7bcl3kfl2ehabufptu