Rocket Measurements of the Galactic Background at 100 μ [chapter]

Judith L. Pipher
1973 Interstellar Dust and Related Topics  
Measurements of the diffuse background radiation in the 85-115 // band are presented, as observed from altitudes close to 190 km with a rocket-borne, liquid helium cooled telescope. Evidence is given for detection of the galactic background due to thermal grain emission at galactic latitudes of 5-35°, and at a galactic longitude of ~ 163°. At small latitudes, the background intensity is measured to be ~ 9 x 10 -11 W cm -2 sr" 1 ; the average number density of grains derived is consistent with
more » ... e optically determined measure. The 100 jn data is compared with 20 ju data taken on the same flight, in order to draw some conclusions about the grain emissivity and temperature.
doi:10.1007/978-94-010-2661-1_78 fatcat:77rr3izglnglnlvnk2jcufzddi