Klasik Dönem Osmanlı Matematiğinde Pîr Mahmud Sıdkı Edirnevî'nin "Çift Yanlış" Metodu

2020 Erdem  
Beyond the operations with known numbers, even the operations with unknown numbers date back to ancient times. One of the remarkable of these operations is the "false position" method. This method has been preferred for centuries, since it simplifies the solution of the problems, when some arithmetical and algebraic methods make the operations complicated. The method which is known to be treated intensely in both Eastern and Wastern civilization in the Middle Ages, was also adopted by Ottoman
more » ... thematicians. It is not neglected to explain this method in the arithmetical texts which increased in number, in the traditional period. So the method has become an integral part of the arithmetical texts which is used by both in madrasah and in accounting bureaucracy.
doi:10.32704/erdem.838723 fatcat:ykixgbwyl5e6pajju5daaznz2e