Correlations of Biomechanical Characteristics with Ball Speed in Penalty Corner Push-In Relationship of Some Indicators of Effectiveness by the Physical Installation of the Transmission & Impact of Skill with Some Psychological Skills to

Salim Agharid, Abdulridha
2014 International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies   unpublished
The study aimed to identify the relationship between indicators of physical structure and the percentage of effectiveness of skill transmission as well as to identify the impact of some of these indicators and psychological skills to deliver when players teams of Iraqi universities within the qualifying final for the championship of the Republic of table tennis for the year 2010-2011 has been selected sample way intentional, where included on the (12) players from the teams of Iraqi
more » ... who qualified for the finalists, namely, (Mustansiriya University, the University of Qadisiyah, University of Technology, the University of Baghdad) and after processing the results statistically concluded the researcher that there is a correlation significant differences between some of the indicators of physical structure, namely, (weight , fat, fluid, muscle) and the ratio of efficacy to the skill of the transmission and there are differences animate significance between some of these indicators (fluids, muscle) and achievement and between some psychological skills (visualization, relaxation, anxiety, self-confidence, motivation) and between achievement while did not show differences animate significance between the two indicators of weight and fat and focus attention and between achievement among a sample of research and researcher recommended the periodic measurement of indicators of physical structure for the players as well as maintaining be represented within normal limits and ideal for the athlete as well as an emphasis on coaches attention skills psychological during training because of their importance in the movement and activity the better performance and thus get better results and achievements.