Numerical modeling of waves in Lake Taihu

LI Yiping, PANG Yong, LUO Liancong, XU Qiuxia
2008 Journal of Lake Sciences  
On the basis of measured data about wave in Lake Taihu, the calibrated wave model which was described by the third-generation spectral action balance equation was obtained. The several key waves' factors were considered in SWAN model such as bottom topography, wave refraction, depth-induced dissipation, wave break, lake current, etc. The wave in Lake Taihu was simulated and the main influence factors of wave were analyzed by this model. The results showed that the SWAN model can well describe
more » ... e process of wave's growth and propagation in Lake Taihu. The distribution of wave heights, wave lengths, wave periods, etc, were closely related to wind speed, wind direction, water depth, etc. On the condition of the same direction and different wind speed, the required time from wave growth to wave stabilization was different; However, On the condition of the different direction and same wind speed, the required time was nearly the same. Therefore wave's growth were not only depended on wind speed, but also depended on the wind's sustained action and fetch.
doi:10.18307/2008.0118 fatcat:q7uqeldlincqrhuj3cj3c657ce