Solar Wind Laws Valid for any Phase of a Solar Cycle [chapter]

V.G. Eselevich
2012 Exploring the Solar Wind  
Exploring the Solar Wind 4 Laying down a law enables us to pose tasks of examining its mechanism as well as to discover new laws rather than repeating and rechecking well-known ones. Knowing SW laws is of critical importance for developing a unified theory of SW that is practically absent now. The point is that SW obeys the diluted plasma dynamics laws with due regard to boundary conditions: on the one hand, it is the Sun; on the other, it is the galactic environment. The distance between the
more » ... lactic environment and the Sun is R ~ 2•10 4 R 0 (R 0 is the solar radius); the SW density decreases by law of (R/R 0 ) 2 (i.e., ~ 4•10 8 times). Thus, for SW at distances of order and less than the Earth's orbit (R ≈214R 0 ), the infinity condition is simple: SW density tends to zero. However, the conditions on the Sun are totally determined by the experimentally established SW laws comprising such notions as coronal holes, bases of the coronal streamer belt, active regions, and magnetic tubes emerging from the solar convective zone -these are the sources of various SW on the Sun without knowledge of which it is impossible to impose boundary conditions there.
doi:10.5772/38042 fatcat:allozbecjvfnbgke467lkzv4a4