Relic gravitons on Kasner-like branes

M. Cavaglià, G. De Risi, M. Gasperini
2005 Physics Letters B  
We discuss the cosmological amplification of tensor perturbations in a simple example of brane-world scenario, in which massless gravitons are localized on a higher-dimensional Kasner-like brane embedded in a bulk AdS background. Particular attention is paid to the canonical normalization of the quadratic action describing the massless and massive vacuum quantum fluctuations, and to the exact mass-dependence of the amplitude of massive fluctuations on the brane. The perturbation equations can
more » ... separated. In contrast to de Sitter models of brane inflation, we find no mass gap in the spectrum and no enhancement for massless modes at high curvature. The massive modes can be amplified, with mass-dependent amplitudes, even during inflation and in the absence of any mode-mixing effect.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2005.01.089 fatcat:4sy27y52mzfr5n3i2l4j5hegom