Evgeny A. Dolgochub, Alexey N. Polikanin
2020 Interexpo GEO-Siberia  
A communication channel protected by quantum cryptography cannot be hacked under ideal conditions. But only because there are currently no suitable hacking methods available. All existing methods of breaking cryptographic networks are aimed at mathematical models of ciphers. However, if we follow the rule that the stability of a system is determined by the stability of its weakest link, we can see the opposite. Quantum cryptography is a promising young and developing field in the field of
more » ... ation security. Every specialist in the field of information security is interested in creating a perfect and secure communication network. Systems that currently use the BB84 and B92 protocols are vulnerable to attacks from hackers. These security protocols are already considered outdated, but scientists can not yet offer other options. The article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the first quantum encryption algorithms BB84 and B92.
doi:10.33764/2618-981x-2020-6-1-125-130 fatcat:527u2majtjgizdnmj5d2ol7fle