Global optimization of laminated composite beams using an improved differential evolution algorithm

Lam Thuan Phat, Nguyen Nhat Phi Long, Nguyen Hoai Son, Ho Huu Vinh, Le Anh Thang
2020 Journal of Science and Technology in Civil Engineering (STCE) - NUCE  
Differential Evolution (DE) is an efficient and effective algorithm recently proposed for solving optimization problems. In this paper, an improved version of Differential Evolution algorithm, called iDE, is introduced to solve design optimization problems of composite laminated beams. The beams used in this research are Timoshenko beam models computed based on analytical formula. The iDE is formed by modifying the mutation and the selection step of the original algorithm. Particularly,
more » ... rticularly, individuals involved in mutation were chosen by Roulette wheel selection via acceptant stochastic instead of the random selection. Meanwhile, in selection phase, the elitist operator is used for the selection progress instead of basic selection in the optimization process of the original DE algorithm. The proposed method is then applied to solve two problems of lightweight design optimization of the Timoshenko laminated composite beam with discrete variables. Numerical results obtained have been compared with those of the references and proved the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed method. Keywords: improved Differential Evolution algorithm; Timoshenko composite laminated beam; elitist operator; Roulette wheel selection; deterministic global optimization.
doi:10.31814/stce.nuce2020-14(1)-05 fatcat:m7nph7nwnbaktp5iigzshcfmce