Extremal black brane solutions in five-dimensional gauged supergravity

Susanne Barisch-Dick, Gabriel Lopes Cardoso, Michael Haack, Suresh Nampuri
2013 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We study stationary black brane solutions in the context of N = 2, U(1) gauged supergravity in five dimensions. Using the formalism of first-order flow equations, we construct examples of extremal black brane solutions that include Nernst branes, i.e. extremal black brane solutions with vanishing entropy density, as well as black branes with cylindrical horizon topology, whose entropy density can be computed from a Cardy formula of the dual CFT.
doi:10.1007/jhep02(2013)103 fatcat:v2saar6nznhsrboiohw4c7aody