Age of Information in Reservation Multi-Access Networks with Stochastic Arrivals [article]

Qian Wang, He Chen
2022 arXiv   pre-print
This paper investigates the Age of Information (AoI) performance of Frame Slotted ALOHA with Reservation and Data slots (FSA-RD). We consider a symmetric multi-access network where each user transmits its randomly generated status updates to an access point in a framed manner. Each frame consists of one reservation slot and several data slots. The reservation slot is made up of some mini-slots. In each reservation slot, users, with a status update packet to transmit, randomly send short
more » ... ion packets in one of the mini-slots to contend for data slots of the frame. The data slots are assigned to those users that succeed in reservation slot. To provide insights in optimizing the information freshness of FSA-RD, we manage to derive a closed-form expression of the average AoI under FSA-RD by applying a recursive method. Numerical results validate the analytical expression and demonstrate the influence of the frame size and reservation probability on the average AoI. We finally perform a comparison between the AoI performance of FSA-RD with optimized frame size and reservation probability, and that of slotted ALOHA with optimized transmission probability. The comparison results show that FSA-RD can effectively reduce the AoI performance of multi-access networks, especially when the status arrival rate of the network becomes large.
arXiv:2206.00874v1 fatcat:vrmclxi2tvgrdmjxmti7rwv6tm