Position Forward Kinematics of 6-DOF Robotic Arm

Štefan Ondočko, Tomáš Stejskal, Jozef Svetlík, Lukáš Hrivniak, Michal Šašala, Adam Žilinský
2020 Acta Mechanica Slovaca  
The paper describes the construction and verification of a kinematic model of a robotic arm position, which should be composed of special modules (URM). The concept of modularity plays a fairly important role here, as it is possible to assemble from individual modules machines with different movement options and several degrees of freedom. The degrees of freedom of the arm are facilitated by six rotating links, which are, thank to those modules, unlimited. The actual implementation of the
more » ... tation of the robotic arm's kinematic model into the software environment occurred in two environments. In order to check the correctness of the calculation of the individual parts of the kinematic structure's position in space, two different models were intentionally created. A mathematical model in Matlab -Simulink and a mechanical model built in the Matlab -Simscape environment.
doi:10.21496/ams.2020.018 fatcat:3xmdqavgczdvjgqkj3sdpkx4q4