PEMBUATAN TEPUNG KOMPOSIT DARI PATI GANYONG/ GARUT DAN TEPUNG LABU KUNING SEBAGAI BAHAN BAKU FLAT NOODLE - The Production of Composite Flour from Canna/Arrowroot Starch and Pumpkin Flour as Flat Noodle Ingredient

Novita Indrianti, Nok Afifah, Enny Sholichah
2019 Biopropal Industri  
Non wheat noodles like flat noodle require composite starch with high amylase content such as canna and arrowroot starch as raw material. Pumpkin flour addition is expected to increase nutrition value of the composite flour. This research aimed to characterized composite flour from canna starch or arrowroot starch and pumpkin flour as ingredient for flat noodles. Six composite flour formulations were made from a mixture of canna starch or arrowroot starch with pumpkin flour at 5%, 10%, 15%
more » ... t 5%, 10%, 15% concentrations. The physicochemical properties (proximate, beta-carotene, colour analysis), functional properties (swelling power, solubility, water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity) and pasting properties (peak, breakdown, final, setback viscosity and pasting temperature) were analyzed. The results revealed that higher concentration of pumpkin flour was significantly increasing ash, protein, fat, carbohydrate and beta carotene content. The swelling power, solubility, water and oil absorption capacity increased with high concentrations of pumpkin flour, while the lightness of composite flour decreased. The addition of pumpkin flour increased peak and breakdown viscosity but decreased setback viscosity. Canna-pumpkin composite flours at 5% of pumpkin flour was recommended as ingredient for flat noodle because it has a low swelling power, low peak viscosity, low breakdown viscosity, low final viscosity and high setback viscosity.Keywords: canna/arrowroot-pumpkin composite flour, functional properties, gelatinization profile, physicochemical propertiesABSTRAKMi non gandum seperti flat noodle membutuhkan tepung komposit pati berkadar amilosa tinggi seperti pati ganyong dan pati garut sebagai bahan baku. Penambahan tepung labu kuning diharapkan dapat meningkatkan nilai gizi pada tepung komposit sebagai bahan baku flat noodle. Tujua [...]
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