The development of the fruit tree as influenced by the season of transplanting [thesis]

Leroy Dexter Jesseman
There seems to be a conflict of opinion as to that part of the dormant season in which fruit trees may be transplanted with the greatest assurance of success. There is perhaps not a month from October to May that has not been suggested by some writers as the best time to transplant. Some suggest early fall as soon as the leaves begin to be shed; others late fall, after the trees have ripened their tissues; even mid-Winter, when the trees are in the midst of their resting period, is recommended;
more » ... od, is recommended; many advise early spring, just as the buds are beginning to swell; and still others suggest holding the trees until late spring, when soil conditions may be more favorable for root growth. Since no common agreement seems to have been reached, it is of interest to review and attempt to harmonize existing opinions and to compare resUlts obtained at the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station with those obtained elsewhere.
doi:10.32469/10355/57575 fatcat:sputrae5pjbvhnlvmshboobcmy