The Nature and Structural Regularities of Financial Integration in the Global Dimension in the Context of «Impossible Trinity»

Krasnova Iryna V.
2016 Problemi Ekonomiki  
The aim of the article is to determine the nature of financial integration and to justify its place in the system of measures on state regulation intended to search for a balanced model of economic growth of the country through the impossible trilemma reflecting the impossibility of simultaneous implementation of three macro-economic policies in one country, namely financial openness, monetary independence and exchange rate stability. On the basis of synthesis, analysis and comparison of
more » ... omparison of different interpretations, the concept of «financial integration» is clarified. There identified signs of integration of financial markets, such as: the uniformity of rules (transparency); equal access (availability); common operating environment (involvement); equity of prices (unity); uniformity of the reaction of financial assets on the impact of external trends and news (response). The policy of financial integration, in particular its component of the free movement of capital is designed to provide additional incentives to domestic economic growth by attracting external financial resources. To stimulate the economy and prevent the unstable volatility of exchange rate, many countries seek to achieve such macroeconomic goals as openness of financial markets, independence of the monetary policy and exchange rate stability. Since the monetary authorities may choose at any moment only two of the three goals, the Mundell-Fleming trilemma determines a possibility of three different combinations of monetary targeting. At present science has not developed a unified methodological approach to determination of indices of financial integration. To assess the dynamics of financial integration the following basic indices of integration are used: KAOPEN, FINREFORM, KASHI, etc. Based on the analysis of the mentioned indices in the context of different countries, there can be made a conclusion about a possibility of combination of different policies with a tendency towards financial integration. In today's environment it is expedient to use [...]
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