Hypochlorite Solution as a Decontaminant in Sulfur Mustard Contaminated Skin Defects in the Euthymic Hairless Guinea Pig

Mark B. Gold, Rodolfo Bongiovanni, Bruce A. Scharf, Vincent C. Gresham, Claude L. Woodward
1994 Drug and chemical toxicology (New York, N.Y. 1978)  
Hypochliorie soilutions are thought to be efficacious when used to topi.cally dft-ontaminaise intact skin. However, lb~w -studios havo exarn-ined the efficacy of decontarninatiOn of chrmacally contamninated wounds. Therefore, we cornpafed the decontamination efficacy of sodium hypochlcinte (0 5% and 2 5% solutions), calcium hyoochlonle (0 5% and 2 5% soluttions) and Stente water to untreated controls in wounds exposed to sultur mustard (HO). Anesthetized euthymic hairles guinea pigs (EHGP)
more » ... ea pigs (EHGP) (n--6) were exposed tn 0 4 LD50 HO in a hA-thickntss 8 mm surgical bmop~sy skin deflect (ioe wound) Each animal was subsequenstfy ocantamtnoted, after a twO-minuto intra-wound4 exposure to iqjuid HD, with~ Oon Ot the dtecontamrination solutions Oirontamination etficacy was determiined by the visual grad-mg of the HOtraumatized wound lesion and by comparison of !he exoected HO1-induced leukocyte supprssionLeikcicyte supprwgoon wmev iricrnsisteril in alt animnals, theOreor, the visual grading was the only v~iable evaluation method No signiticant dfl"jri'ncos were rAbsonipj amrong wouinds decontaiminated w~1h any of tho noilutons However. the Okn surrounding undecontamiruited ibul sexposed) control animails .khowed the 'esil-votual ;:-.vhotoqy The lesions induced follonwing decontamsinaton are preisume.,d to be due to the mpc~onv-cAl flushing of HO oo-to the peni-lestioiial ikin, or bry chemical damAqe induced by the %Lcution, or H0tsolution intetraction Further studies are requireod to bast deineatte the optimal deconlaminnatiton procosi for HO cor'taminittad wounds 94-07965 CC0VENT PART NOTICE
doi:10.3109/01480549409014314 pmid:7821235 fatcat:oq2z7wssjfg6jdotkqrgfoetim