An assessment model for the environmental damage simulation through scenarios predicted with a Geographic information system

Sergio Mattia, Alessandra Oppio, Alessandra Pandolfi
This essay describes the most relevant steps of a method for the environmental damage assessment that was edited in 1989 and that could be easily adapted to the actual context, using a scenario approach built thanks to Gis tools and procedures. Once the scenarios have been identified, the turning point is a prospective comparison referred to the decreased capability of the environment to support the activities of its three components and to the evaluation of "value parameters", depending on the
more » ... ", depending on the importance given to each element, in order to identify the damage costs. At this point, the damage value could be quantified considering the actual reclamation costs and outlining the uniqueness of each area and ecosystem and the actual inability of exactly restoring the previous configuration.
doi:10.13128/aestimum-13156 fatcat:7rrqh5tssfg6tk6bazsce3rd4i