Three-dimensional quantum anomalous Hall effect in hyperhoneycomb lattices

Sang Wook Kim, Kangjun Seo, Bruno Uchoa
2018 Physical review B  
We address the role of short range interactions for spinless fermions in the hyperhoneycomb lattice, a three dimensional (3D) structure where all sites have a planar trigonal connectivity. For weak interactions, the system is a line-node semimetal. In the presence of strong interactions, we show that the system can be unstable to a 3D quantum anomalous Hall phase with loop currents that break time reversal symmetry, as in the Haldane model. We find that the low energy excitations of this state
more » ... re Weyl fermions connected by surface Fermi arcs. We show that the 3D anomalous Hall conductivity is e^2/(√(3)ah), with a the lattice constant.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.97.201101 fatcat:vhnejrjy2zc7navqsr7tzwfiuu