Volume and Freshwater Flux Observations from Nares Strait to the West of Greenland at Daily Time Scales from 2003 to 2009

Andreas Münchow
2016 Journal of Physical Oceanography  
Time series observations of velocity, salinity, pressure, and ice draft provide estimates of advective fluxes in Nares Strait from 2003 to 2009 at daily to interannual time scales. Velocity and salinity are integrated across the 36-km-wide and 350-m-deep channel for two distinct multiyear periods of sea ice cover. These observations indicate multiyear mean fluxes that range from 0.71 6 0.09 to 1.03 6 0.11 Sverdrups (Sv; 1 Sv [ 10 6 m 3 s 21 5 31 536 km 3 yr 21 ) for volume and from 32 6 5.7 to
more » ... 4 6 9.3 mSv (1 mSv [ 10 3 m 3 s 21 ) for oceanic freshwater relative to a salinity of 34.8 for the first (2003-06) and second (2007-09) periods, respectively. Advection of ice adds another 8 6 2 mSv or 260 6 70 km 3 yr 21 to the freshwater export. Flux values are larger when the sea ice is mobile all year. About 75% of the oceanic volume and freshwater flux variability is correlated at daily to interannual time scales. Flux variability peaks at a 20-day time scale and correlates strongly with along-channel pressure gradients (r 2 5 0.68). The along-channel pressure gradient peaks in early spring when the sea ice is often motionless with higher sea level in the Arctic that drives the generally southward ocean circulation. Local winds contribute only when the sea ice is mobile, when they explain 60% of its variance (r 2 5 0.60). Observed annual to interannual change in the duration of motionless sea ice conditions impacts ocean stratification and freshwater flux, while seasonal variations are small.
doi:10.1175/jpo-d-15-0093.1 fatcat:xolragp3jvdj3a5fhtbkepmf7e