Homogeneity-PMU-Based Method for Detection and Classification of Power Quality Disturbances

Jose Razo-Hernandez, Martin Valtierra-Rodriguez, Juan Amezquita-Sanchez, David Granados-Lieberman, Jose Gomez-Aguilar, Jose Rangel-Magdaleno
2018 Electronics  
Over the past few years, power quality (PQ) monitoring has become of paramount importance for utilities and users since poor PQ generates negative consequences. In monitoring, fast detection and accurate classification of PQ disturbances (PQDs) are desirable features. In this work, a new method to detect and classify PQDs is proposed. The proposal takes advantage of the low computational resources of both a phasor measurement unit (PMU)-based signal processing scheme and the homogeneity
more » ... homogeneity approach. To classify the PQDs, if–then–else rules are used. To validate and test the proposal, synthetic and real signals of sags, swells, interruptions, notching, spikes, harmonics, and oscillatory transients are considered. For the generation of real signals, a PQD generator based on a power inverter is used. In the proposed method, the PMU information is directly used to classify sags, swells, and interruptions, whereas the homogeneity index is used to distinguish among the remaining PQDs. Results show that the proposal is an effective and suitable tool for PQ monitoring.
doi:10.3390/electronics7120433 fatcat:nvemcgf5u5hdbpexrlgtbphtja