The Intrinsic Properties of SMM J14011+0252

Ian Smail, G. P. Smith, R. J. Ivison
2005 Astrophysical Journal  
We discuss the properties of the bright submillimeter source SMMJ14011+0252 at z=2.56 which lies behind the central regions of the z=0.25 lensing cluster A1835. This system has a complex optical morphology consisting of at least five separate components. We reassess the extensive multiwavelength observations of this system and find strong support for the suggestion that one of these five components represents a foreground galaxy. The spectral and morphological properties of the foreground
more » ... he foreground galaxy indicate that it is a low-luminosity, passive early-type disk member of the A1835 cluster. We estimate the likely properties of the dark matter halo of this galaxy from its stellar distribution. Based on these estimates we suggest that, contrary to earlier claims, this foreground galaxy is unlikely to significantly magnify the background submillimeter source. Thus SMMJ14011+0252 probably represents an intrinsically luminous submillimeter galaxy.
doi:10.1086/432641 fatcat:lb535mh7hve37liap4xo5rrew4